All our treatments are design to ensure you mind body and soul will review and revitalise. With professionals in the industry and custom design treatments and ointments, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time at our spa.


Our traditional body treatments are designed to transport each spa visitor to a place of tranquility and peace. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, our trained therapists will transform you.


Good skin is our thing. Whether you’re tackling acne, waging a war on wrinkles or want to relax, our facials will give you the results you want. Even better, we can personalise your experience to cater for your specific needs.

Aloe Therapy

This treatment is deep within the Mmathibedi tradition which has been passed on throughout the generations. The Aloe Vera plant slows down the appearance of wrinkles and repairs the damaged skin cells that cause the visible sign of aging. Not only does it have benefits to reduce aging but it is used to create harmony, balance and vitality.


Beauty is top of mind at Mmathibedi Eco Spa. We focus a great deal no only in your mental well being but your physical as well. We have a range of products that aim to bring out the beauty in you.


Fancy a day off? Or to spend a relaxing day with the ones you love? Either way, our day packages cater for every taste. Tailor-made packages are available for those who want something more unique

Nail Care

Our hands and feet work hard to keep us performing at our very best, isn’t it time we treated them? At Mmathibedi Eco Spa our luxurious treatments pamper tired toes and hard working hands, leaving them feeling soft and looking beautiful.

Herbal Oil

Our herbal oil used for massage and treatments and made from right in the spa. Dr. Senathi Fisha formulates them from scratch to ensure the best application for your skin.

Men Care

Our spa caters for all sexes, we have carefully planed out treatment for men, design to relax their body as men use their body more, we ensure deep massage are applied for best relaxation.